Condition Rank

  • S: Mint - Item is in pristine condition, either never used or used no more than one or two times.
  • A: Excellent - The item is in excellent condition, showing only minor signs of wear. There may be slight imperfections or light stains.
  • B: Gently Used - The item shows signs of gentle use, such as minor corner wear, light tanning of the leather, and possibly some stains on the interior.
  • C: Used - Noticeable signs of wear, including corner rubbing, moderate leather tanning, and stains on the interior.
  • D: Well-Used - The item has visible scratches and corner wear, significant darkening from leather tanning, and stains on the interior.
  • E: Very Well-Used / Needs Repair - The item is heavily used and may require repairs. It shows extensive signs of wear and tear.